Himalayas Journey

Leaders as Healers

A Leaders as Healers Inner and Outer Journey
The Himalayas, Nepal

3-11 September 2020


We start in Kathmandu and make our way to three different retreat centres close to the Mountains.

Focus on: Personal development

Lead by: Louise Marra & Paul Zonneveld


This journey is unlike any you may have done before.  We are combining the amazing vibration and power of the Himalaya’s with ancient wisdom that arose from this place, together with the wisdom of indigeneity and the Maori of New Zealand that have an ancestral connection with Tibet and these mountains plus the tools and insights and practices of the western world.

We will do three days of walking – none of it is too arduous but a good walk – around 4 hours to really feel into and wander the earth to our next accommodation. We also have four days of stillness, connecting, rituals, and practices.

An inner and outer journey is a pilgrimage - it combines long-distance walking with the intention of personal growth and discovery. The inner work is facilitated by experienced coaches, Louise Marra and Paul Zonneveld, who will work with you on the trail to cultivate fresh ways of living, working and being. It is for people of any age and situation, and can be truly life-changing. So if you find yourself wanting to reorient, develop inner and outer fitness, need space to heal or you just want a break with a difference get in touch. 

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