Programs, Labs & Accelerators reimagined


Programs, Labs & Accelerators reimagined

We hold space for the disruptive change to occur because we want wicked problems to be solved for collective impact. We not only get the right people in the room, we set up space for people to be their best (This is essential to have a lasting impact).


We run bespoke programs, labs & accelerators reimagined. We recreate the tradition model to get to the depth of problems, working on the people in the container while working on the solution or business. We place a high emphasis on team. We ensure teams are asking big questions to get to the root of problems than working on a symptom.


We have a broad range of experience in labs, incubators & accelerators in both the public and the private sector.


We do this by;


  • Identifying the problem or purpose

  • Find people that are the most knowledgeable to create a container to work on this problem. Find the community who are most knowledgeable about the problem to talk about it.

  • Creating the container to bring together the community who cares about the problem.

  • Activating & connecting the community

  • Bring together the right individuals within the community to work on solving it.

  • Is this a series or a creative event/experience/program/Lab

  • Bring in expert individuals from different areas to assist in solving these problems


Statistics say that 90% of startups, but we question why this is and where the energy is that teams are trying to solve. We place importance on working on teams.


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