Peer-to-peer coaching circles 

Peer-to-peer coaching circles

Focus on: Leadership and personal development.

Lead by: Louise & Brook

Small groups of people supporting each other’s deep being, can work magic in the world of ourselves and community


Breakthrough Peer Support Groups are designed to bring together people who want to work on their personal development with others.


Peer groups can fast track our development as we learn to:

  • Belong to a challenging and supportive group

  • Work with growth as a currency for life

  • Help ourselves and others expand into their more whole self

  • Help others develop new skills in their relating to themselves, others and life.

  • Process our challenges and get new perspectives


Peer support groups are both fruitful and enjoyable with learning happening on many levels.  A supportive and safe environment is created to explore a whole range of issues in a meaningful way.


How it Works


You meet with your group members on a scheduled basis to help each other grow and develop using a simple structured format. Each member has an opportunity to bring questions or concerns to the group and receive information, ideas and insights in a supportive environment. A coaches acts as a guide for the group and will train and support the group in the process. Initially, the coach will help the group learn the structure and skills of the process over six sessions and then we will review and see what is needed.  It might be the group continues on its own with support from a coach now and then, or we enter a new agreement.


The aim, over time, is for the group to become self-managed and self-directed but this can take some time. Groups can range from 4 to 8 members, not including the coach. The group meets regularly for six 2.5 hour sessions as the supporting coach works with the group to set the foundation and supports the group development.




It is essential that you feel ready to be part of a group to work on your own and others highest development.  It is not for the fainthearted but is super rewarding, expanding and growthful.


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