The Pocket Project 

The Pocket project

Focus on: Healing collective & Intergenerational trauma

Lead by: Louise & Brook

The Pocket Project is part of an international movement  - There are enormous amounts of energy that are bound up in collective lakes of unconsciousness.


Vision: Restoring a fragmented world


Mission: To stop the vicious cycle of recurring collective trauma and ultimately integrate and reduce its effects in our global culture. To grow a future where love, care, and respect for all are the predominant principles


Unity House is the home of the Pocket Project Aotearoa. In its early stages of development, the Pocket Project is an international movement to help a fragmented world recognize and recover from the effects of the unseen and unacknowledged collective and intergenerational trauma. The healing and integration of these fields of energy holds a journey of acknowledgement and feeling into many experiences that have been too big or painful to fully engage with and so have become something of ‘dark lakes’ - the effect of the held energy influencing us in many unseen ways, limiting the nature of how we collectively shape society, our organisations and our lives.


In the Pocket Project Aotearoa we are currently gathering a group of interested people to develop the competencies necessary to take this work forward and ultimately host large gatherings for the purpose of healing and transformation.


If you are interested to join us please reach out.


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