Spain Walk 

Inner and Outer Journey
Spain, Sarria to Santiago

117km along the Camino Trail (in partnership with Wandering the World).


Focus on: Leadership and personal development.

Lead by: Louise 

An inner and outer journey is a pilgrimage - it combines long distance walking with the intention of personal growth and discovery. The inner work is facilitated by experienced coaches, led by Louise Marra, who will work with you on the trail to cultivate fresh ways of living, working and being. It is for people of any age and situation, and can be truly life changing. So if you find yourself wanting to reorient, develop inner and outer fitness, need space to heal or you just want a break with a difference get in touch.


Trip Overview


One of the historical pilgrimage routes to Santiago de Compostela, the Northern Way is an alternative to the much busier Camino Frances or French Way, which lies over the mountains to the south. During medieval times, pilgrims walked the Camino del Norte to avoid the danger of attack by the Moors who had advanced from the south of Spain in the 9th Century. With the Camino Frances becoming more dangerous, pilgrims kept close to the coast on the Northern Route.

Like all Caminos, the Northern Way began as a religious pilgrimage to the relics of Saint James the Apostle, believed to be interred in the grand old Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Since the ninth century, millions of pilgrims have set out on this journey, many with a purely religious motivation. Yet even in those ancient times, many pilgrims were on the road for less lofty reasons and may have set out just to see the world and find adventure. Nowadays, some walk simply for health and rejuvenation, to experience inspiring landscape, history and architecture, or to complete a spiritual or religious journey. It is rare to find a pilgrim who has not been transformed in some way by walking their Camino. For many, walking a Camino is a life changing experience.


The countryside on the Camino del Norte is extremely picturesque with winding rivers, stone fences and bridges and rolling green hills often dotted with a church steeple on the horizon. A church steeple usually means a town and a town means a rest – but while it may look close, it is quite likely two or more kilometres away. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other – the Camino mantra.

There is an enormous depth of history as well as everyday learning on the Camino, as people of all ages from all over the world come together to walk the paths that so many have done before them. The local people are proud of their country and culture, and readily offer their hospitality. Their generosity is overwhelming. Engaging with the locals is most rewarding and at times quite emotional, with many elderly ladies in the local churches keen to stamp your pilgrims passbook in recognition of your visit.


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