Spain Youth Walk 

Inner and Outer Youth Journey
Spain, Sarria to Santiago

117km along the Camino Trail (in partnership with Wandering the World).


Focus on: Leadership and personal development.

Lead by: Zac & Louise



An inner and outer journey is a pilgrimage - it combines long distance walking with the intention of personal growth and discovery. The inner work is facilitated by experienced coaches, led by Louise Marra, who will work with you on the trail to cultivate fresh ways of living, working and being. It is for people of any age and situation, and can be truly life changing. So if you find yourself wanting to reorient, develop inner and outer fitness, need space to heal or you just want a break with a difference get in touch.


Trip Overview


One of the world’s great historical trails, El Camino de Santiago, also known as the “Camino trail” or the “Way of St James”, is an epic 800km walk across northern Spain to Santiago de Compostela.


On this trip Zac and Louise will coach you throughout the walk, embracing the true spirit of a pilgrimage - walking with an intent to grow, develop and discover.


It began as a religious pilgrimage to the relics of the Apostle James, interred in the grand old Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, and since the ninth century hundreds of thousands have made the life-changing journey. It can take between 30 and 40 days if you choose to do it all in one go, however many also do a portion at a time, and some only walk the last 100km's as this entitles the pilgrim the Compostela recognition.


There are many varied reasons that people walk the Camino, which is renowned as one of the most religious, inspirational and rewarding experiences. Some people do it simply for health and wellbeing, whilst many refer to it as a religious or spiritual journey. There is an enormous depth of history and everyday learning’s, as people of all ages from all over the world come together to walk the paths that so many have done before them. The small villages along the way would not exist if it wasn't for the Camino, and the Camino wouldn't exist if it wasn’t for the villages. The local people who are proud of their country and their culture, readily offer their hospitality and their generosity is overwhelming.


The countryside is extremely picturesque. The rolling hills are often dotted with a church steeple on the horizon, which may look close, but quite likely may be two or more kilometres away. The daily walk provides plenty of thinking and reflection.


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