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Catalytic Coaching


Catalytic Coaching Clinics


Increasing the ability to innovate and lead through uncertainty.



This custom-designed program gets people rooted, focused and on a trajectory for transformation and results. You will feel supported and challenged in becoming instruments of change in leadership and innovation. You in turn will be resourced to support and propel your organisation’s vision and development toward greater depth, breadth and impact.


Clients increase their levels of :

  • Leadership

  • Resilience

  • Ability to innovate 

  • Effective decision making 

  • Creativity

  • Clarity & Direction


“I was entering a period of big change for my business and Tui helped me get clarity. I highly recommend her work.”


-  Lauren Peate, Founder/CEO Multitudes.

Who it's for:


Innovators, leaders and activators in their early to mid-career who have a hunger for growth. You can only create change by working in forward-thinking organisations that are committed to the development of your team. These programs require commitment,  time and energy from the client and support from your organisations for change to occur. We only work with those who are able to fully make this commitment.

“Tui was a phenomenal coaching partner - The culture in our organisation now sees us move truly as one organism, this has led to some incredible innovations within the business, in both product and process. Our relationships with our clients are stronger, which has led to an increase in repeat customers and a higher average spend. Clients are enamoured with this environment and simply want to be a part of it. We've 'leveled up’.”

- Adam Whatton, Founder Waiheke Dive & Snorkel.




What this means for organisations:

These programs grow an individual's leadership. We increase their ability to relate to others and to communicate effectively, amplifying  how they are able to contribute to a team. This increase in leadership and collaboration means that teams are able to be much more effective in their decision making, more agile in their thinking and more dynamic in many situations. We also unlock an individual's creativity, amplifying their ability to innovate individually as well as in a team. This has a ripple effect on what the organisation achieves and its resilience to obstacles and challenges. 

“Working with Tui has supported me to trust in my own intuition and build a stronger sense of direction, knowing when to be flexible and when to be firm.”


- Danielle Newton, Auckland Council.

About our coach - Tui Williams

Tui trained with Integral Coaching Canada (an internationally renowned International Coach Federation academy based in North America and Europe) and is a qualified Coach. Tui is also currently completing her Professional certification of a three year Somatic Experiencing certification. She has trained in the work of leading psychologists and experts in the field of transformation such as Vann JoinesThomas Hubeul and Marshall Rosenburg and is a qualified mediator. 


Tui has a background in the startup, social impact, philanthropic and leadership development space. Co-founding multiple initiatives over the years including;  The Social Experiment and Emerge Institute.


Integral coaching:


Works in a way that is whole, complete and integrated, using  frameworks and developmental principles based on globally recognised Integral Theory. This creates a systematic approach to change that is embodied and long-lasting. We work on developing a more effective inner operating system and as capacities are enhanced you develop more ease and fluency in a world that is increasingly more complex.

What it consists of:


No two coaching programs are alike. They each consist of one to one coaching sessions, daily practices, accountability and email support. The length of the program alters depending on the client. Change will only be able to occur to the degree participants are willing to commit to their transformation. 


Kick-start & Catalyse


Six weeks with three 90min one to one coaching sessions.


Here’s where you will get some laser focused fuel to propel you upward. 

You will  be supported in breaking through the challenges you’re  facing. In these three conversations, you will get a chance to get to the heart of the change you are ready for. You will get an injection of insight and a set of customized high impact actions that you  will begin to work on. Expect  to  go away feeling  illuminated, expanded and packing practical moves for your evolution. 




Four months with eight 90 min one to one coaching sessions.


Perspective. Clarity. Momentum. Growth.

You are ready to go to work on creating some real shifts and expanding your capacities and impact in areas that will be deeply transformational for your work. While a deep dive, long-term transformational program isn’t accessible right now, a shorter, few month, high impact program is what you’re ready for. You’re ready for the next level in your ability to lead and innovate. Here’s where you’ll get all the depth and design of the Revolution, with a pointed focus on what will make the greatest impact on your development in the short term.



Seven months with twelve 90 min one to one coaching sessions.


This is a full-on, custom designed program for creating seriously sustainable change.

This program facilitates really deep transformation. You will embody a new way of being that will profoundly alter how you lead and work. This program is deep, effective and is for those who are ready for long-haul transformation, growth and to meet, embody,  and become a transformational leader with the resilience to weather these unprecedented times.


Sign up before Jan 30th 2021 for 20% off.

*In partnership with Emerge Institute

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