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Unity house is growing a body of committed people resourced with the capacity to host the feelings associated with large collective traumas that we generally turn away from




We take problems from a topic and create the container that can best work on that challenge to heal the planet; this includes finding the right individuals to be a part of this container. We do this while incorporating deeper work. We build communities around a specific purpose. 


We believe that individuals and organisations need to do their best to live their highest purpose, but the system also operates and needs an approach that can help work at a systemic level.


Otherwise we may remove symptoms but the dynamic that belongs at the levels of the system, will remain and reemerge in new ways. This is exciting and a new era of leadership. We can work with you, your organisation and community to acknowledge systemic issues and begin to heal and transform them.  


We believe that intergenerational and collective trauma are also part of this dynamic and requires a deeper approach. 


We have vast experience in running large and small scale events, retreats, accelerator programs, transforming change within government and setting up social labs, all to create systemic change.

You can engage with us
through any of these offerings:
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Emerge Institute

a conscious approach to addressing complex problems, weaving innovation with self-transformation to drive systems change



We are in a time where we need a new leadership that helps dissolve old systems and processes where all cannot thrive and co-create new ones that are more healthy for all.

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