Engaging in personal work assists us to find the essential base from which we can deliver our unique selves into life with congruence of embodied feeling, words and actions.



Learn how to face inner conflicts, align with your innate inner qualities and and bring those into relationship with others -  develop a different heart and mind and get connected.


Each of us are called to the ability to live with an integration of inner and outer sense-ability. The challenges facing us personally and collectively are different than for any previous generation.


As technology and neuroscience deliver new worlds of understanding and opportunity the survival of our home, our place of belonging the planet is increasingly vulnerable.


We are making a shift - old thinking and approaches will not deliver the outcomes required to thrive into the future.


Through Unity House we can offer practices that will assist you to stay present, enlivened, joyful and embodied so you can lead in whatever capacity you are engaged in the world with authenticity and humanity.




You can engage with us
through any of these offerings:

Annapurna, Nepal

12/09/2020 - 19/09/2020

An affordable adventure in Nepal!

Put together with local knowledge, this walk is for realigning to your soul journey by digesting and connecting to yourself and to the Earth.

Winter Solstice - Waiheke Island

18/07/2020 - 21/07/2020

Join Robbyne and Louise on this four-day renewal, reset and expansion of your being as you connect with energies, with Waiheke and with deeper layers of yourself. 

It is a mid-winter gift to go into the deep at the end of winter to be in the energy of the turning of the sun and the new year, Matariki as it is known in Aotearoa. More details to come!

Himalaya's Journey

An inner and outer journey - it combines long distance walking with the intention of personal growth and discovery. Inner work is led by Louise Marra and Paul Zonneveld.

Ocean's Lab

We're bringing together individuals and organisations to create collaborative solutions to restore the health of Auckland's Tīkapa Moana / Hauraki Gulf. 

Waiheke walk

An inner and outer journey - it combines long distance walking with the intention of personal growth and discovery.

Leadership Mastery online program

Join this virtual programme and learn to deepen your leadership and become part of our leadership mastery community.

Individual coaching

Individual coaching tailored to your needs.

Peer-to-peer coaching

Small groups of people supporting each other’s deep being, can work magic in the world of ourselves and community

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