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We are personal and organisational healers,
we are global, we are part of something bigger than us, we work with and from emergence, expansion, growth, connection, playfulness, love, integration
and of course, unity.

About Our Purpose

Our purpose at Unity House is to shift consciousness in individuals, organisations and communities.

Shifting consciousness means working with people to awaken to their highest wisdom and potential, and to create new patterns in their lives to align with these. As people awaken they are able to live in a place of flow, ease, creativity and unity.

About Unity House

Unity House is comprised of highly experienced coaches, mentors, strategists, innovators, healers and facilitators, who work across sectors and generations. Unity Houses directors and associates are unified by our shared vision of shifting consciousness for a better world.

Unity House operates in Europe, the US and Australasia, but started on Waiheke, a small island off the coast of Auckland, New Zealand.

Our Way of Working:

  • Generative trust 

  • Everything is included

  • Unity

  • Bowing down 

  • Emergence 

About Our People


We are personal and organisational healers, we are global, we are part of something bigger than us, we work with and from emergence, expansion, growth, connection, playfulness, love, integration
and of course, unity.

Louise Marra

Louise Marra’s leadership experience has spanned all sectors having held senior leadership and governance roles within Government, the private sector, philanthropy and the NGO sector. She has been an advisor to the Prime Minister, co-director of a company, led a collaborative government office, has aided the set-up of social innovation labs both for the Government and for Foundation North’s Centre for Social Impact.

Her passion is to help build the next era of conscious leadership and conscious organisations and relationships robust enough to enable radical innovation for an emergent approach to personal, social and environmental change. She believes deep connection to our own, others, the environment and the wisdom around us in all of life, enables greater possibility for growth and transformation at all levels. Louise is Tuhoe, and deeply grounded in indigenous principles.  She runs leadership and social change programmes including being programme director for Leadership New Zealand.

She now runs her own company, Unity House and is co-director of Spirited Leadership, as part of these she has her own individual and group coaching and development practice bringing together many years of practice in meditation, mindfulness, nature based programmes and consciousness levels, yoga, qi gong, transpersonal psychology and shadow work and how these inform and work with excellence at work. She has post-graduate university qualifications in environmental management, public policy and Jungian and transpersonal psychology and is a certified coach.

Tui Williams

Tui trained with Integral Coaching Canada (an internationally renowned International Coach Federation academy based in North America and Europe) and is a qualified Coach. Tui is also currently completing her Professional certification of a three year Somatic Experiencing certification. She has trained in the work of leading psychologists and experts in the field of transformation such as Vann Joines, Thomas Hubeul and Marshall Rosenburg and is a qualified mediator, and yoga teacher.


Tui has a background in the startup, social impact, philanthropic and leadership development space. Co-founding multiple initiatives over the years including;  The Social Experiment and Emerge Institute.

Zac Fargher

Zac works with young professionals and leaders to transform their approach to work and life in order to achieve balance and wellbeing.


After working for a number of years as a lawyer in a top tier New Zealand law firm, Zac trained as a coach with a particular interest in his professional cohort.


Zac understands the challenges faced by his generation professionally and personally and draws on training in coaching and mindfulness to work with individuals and organisations to harness young professional potential without the risk of burnout. As well as experience in law and public policy, Zac has significant youth leadership experience of his own and is an alumni of the Global Young Leaders Conference.


Zac works with young professionals to help them grow and build resilience for their careers and has experience with tools to manage anxiety, high stress and insomnia - all of which he says have made an incredible contribution to his own life.


Zac has an LLB(hons) and a BA from the University of Auckland and works in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. 

Sinead Flanigan
Marketing Consultant

Sinead has a background in both B2B and B2C marketing, specialising in content creation, design and marketing automation. Sinead's main interests lie in developing content that helps businesses to define their voice and personality and enable them to reach like-minded individuals and companies.

Working in a variety of industries including law, travel, health, aged care and disability, Sinead brings a broad range of experience and insights to her marketing and communications strategy.


Along with professional experience, Sinead has also represented Australia in baseball, winning a silver medal at the 2010 Women's World Cup in Venezuela. This unique journey has allowed Sinead to build her work ethic, resilience, courage and determination, all of which have infiltrated and now define the values in her professional life. 


Sinead has a Bachelor of Psychology and a Masters of Marketing, along with additional certifications in Google Analytics, SEO and Adobe Suite.


We have a broad network of individuals that we bring in to work as we see fit.

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