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Small Group

Superpower Development

Small Group Superpower Development


There are so many subtle competencies that humans have forgotten they can do.  We can develop these together over time in small groups where the coherence of the group accelerates everyone’s own development.  Start to become an artist of the invisible.


You can either get your own group together or you can register your interest to join a group.  Groups are kept below 10.

Cost will depend on the size of the group. Sessions will be held once a month with Louise, and then small triads every fortnight to practice together, plus homework. 


Commitment is about four hours per month.

The competencies we will develop together are:

  • Our inter-being and connected relationship with the natural world

  • Our sensing of energy within and without

  • Our being able to feel ourselves and our wisdom more clearly – our delicious yes and clear no

  • Our ability to feel another, feel a room, feel the future that is wanting to arise, feel the flow of life, the wairua.

  • Understanding when we are operating from trauma and when from essential nature

  • Our layers of dimensionality.

  • … and more.

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